Stick to corn hole or corny jokes ~ Corn is not your friend!

Although corn is touted as healthy food, just like gluten, it can cause a leaky gut.

You "maize" well be eating gluten

Corn, while quite delicious, has many strikes against it. You might think of it as a vegetable but it's not. It's a high carbohydrate grain that has similar protein structures to gluten. And this means just like gluten, it contains inflammatory properties.

So what is the skinny on this favorite summertime "vegetable"?

Like gluten, corn is everywhere. It's not just when you know you are consuming corn that you're consuming it ~ there are hundreds of corn-derived ingredients hidden in processed foods.

Here's the other trouble with corn: Nearly all the corn in the United states (90%) comes from genetically modified seeds. And more than 85% of the crops are grown from a seed that has been engineered to produce its own insecticide. This type of corn contains a type of Bt-toxin that kills bugs by poking holes in their intestines. Yuck! When we eat corn, we ingest that same toxin!

These and other modifications made to GMO crops make them genuine digestion disturbers. Eating corn products can produce symptoms of allergy and sensitivity, and increase the chances of developing leaky gut.

Should you avoid corn at all cost? It really depends. If you have gut issues or illnesses caused or made worse by gut issues it will serve you to avoid corn, at least while your gut is healing. If you struggle with bloat, distention, gas, IBS, brain fog, lethargy you might want to try eliminating corn in all forms. If after removing gluten from your diet. You still are having issues with your health, consider that corn could be a culprit.

If you have a happy, healthy gut and feel like carbs are not a problem for you, then some organic fresh corn in the summer on occasion will most likely be fine for you.

But in general, corn has enough bad characteristics to avoid it most of the time.



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