I have always had a passion for all things Food and Hospitality! In the process of cooking and preparing, I share so much of myself ~ my love of my family, faith, and my desire to nurture and give.

For me, preparing food is a creative passion that enables me to give of myself with unconditional love and joy. There is love in the food I prepare. The kitchen is not just another room in my house. It is the heart of my home. It is the place from which love, concern, memories and more emerge.

In my late twenties, I attended La Varenne Culinary School in Paris, France. Upon my return, I opened In Good Taste ~ a cafe and catering company and cooking school. For decades, I have enjoyed using my culinary background to teach children’s cooking classes as well as classes for adults. Good nutrition and health as an everyday way of life are incorporated in how and what I teach. In Good Taste has taken on a different look as I continue to offer prepared meals, special request orders, event catering, cooking classes and more.


In May of 2021, I graduated from The Functional Medicine Coaching academy. It is the only health coaching program designed to collaborate with The Institute for Functional Medicine. I offer my coaching services to help you create weekly sustainable goals in nutrition and diet as well as offer guidance in mindfulness and meditation. For more information on my Functional Medicine Health Coaching, yoga, meditation and wellness practices, check out the In Good Health page

I am so grateful that I am able to follow my passion and make a living from it. I LOVE cooking for and serving others… This makes my heart happy! 

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Spirit