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In Good Taste Testimonials

I’m still hearing from friends that it was the best meal we’ve ever had for our annual dinner – and this was our 13th annual dinner! Everything was delicious!  Your spices were perfect.  And there was plenty for seconds or even thirds!


Good morning, Julie! We are in the mountains right now, and we ate your casserole again last night (that’s why I got 3 of them!) and it was, of course, a huge hit! Everyone devoured it!!! Also, the cake...oh my!! Absolutely sublime! To say everyone LOVED it simply isn’t sufficient! We will absolutely be ordering a bunch more—like for every family gathering!

Emily F.

BEST chicken salad I’ve ever had. Hands down. Delicious.

Lisa M.

Shrimp Salad...delish! So light, but very flavorful!


I just can’t get enough of this yummy Lemon Ginger Chicken Salad—it is so light and fresh.

Ann G.

We had her meatloaf and cheesy potatoes last night and they both were DIVINE!!! We order every week . She never disappoints!!!!!

Barrie S.

Thank you for the shrimp salad, DELISH - I got into it right away. And also, that gazpacho was out of this world. My mom and I almost devoured the whole container in one sitting, along with the chicken salad!!!


BEST chicken salad I have ever had!!!! We need a satellite pickup spot in the Greensboro area!

Sallie T.

Julie! The lasagna was AMAZING! I LOVED the veggie load! So good! And I really like that you don't over salt. I find that most restaurants just way over salt. Thank you for that! 

Jan D.

Your tomato pie is absolutely delicious! I can honestly say it’s the best I have ever eaten!!! 


Huge success!! The food was amazing and you will be getting some orders! Thank you!


Julie- your minestrone was delicious- loved the heat. Wonderful meal!

Beth E.

Wow!!!! Your tomato pie is amazing! Thank you, and what a treat. You are very gifted and we are so appreciative. What a sweet blessing to get to visit with you today. You are an inspiration.

Caroline W.

The quiche was delicious!! I am having a hard time keeping myself from eating the chicken salad for breakfast! #hurryupacceptablelunchhour LOL! Thank you!

Barri S.

This chicken salad is sooooo delicious! Just divine! Can’t thank you enough!

Bonnie G.

We’ve enjoyed the yummy food. I’d love to order the rice casserole for this week. Thx!

Virginia S.

Pesto Pasta Chicken Bake was the best dinner ever. It’s all gone!

Ashley E.

Hi Mrs. Gilbert, thanks again for the great food on Tuesday. It took me a couple of days to get through the whole enchilada, it was delicious!

Justin W.

Thank you for all the goodies Julie!!!! They loved all of it and ate the entire cake in 2  days!!!!!

Kristin S.

Tomato Pie was delicious!! Wish I had ordered 2 more to freeze for later. Hope you’ll make them again soon!

Saunders B.

The lasagna, it was delicious! I sent the leftover to my Charlotte boys so they could  have a good meal. They’re singing your praises!

Nancy K.

This is the best chicken salad I have ever tasted!

Mary T.

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